Publications You began in trade multi-level thinking that the money would come to you next arriving and that would be abundant. Unfortunately, not always it works thus. You need to work hard and most of this work dedicates to the construction of relations in places like the forums and the mails. In order to obtain this, I want that you do a favor to me. It stops thinking on the value of the time that you use. You do not think, " I finish spending two hours without gaining centavo." However, it thinks, " I have spent two hours in the future ". If you spend your time wisely, in the end you will make money. I know it I have done because it. For that reason, patience, young person ten apprentice: everything will come in its due time. To write Publications in the Forums Once you have created an identity in a forum, you have read some publications and you have become familiar with the rules (It always reads the rules), already it is hour to begin to publish. This can be funny, therefore it tries to read some things and to participate in the community. This way, it is probable that serves much more benefit than you hoped. First, it finds a niche in the forum where you can destacarte. If you are expert in training of dogs, you do not pass your time seeing publications over cats in a forum of mascots. It sees the corners and niches where you will shine and begins to offer your opinions. I like to dedicate the first 20-30 publications in a forum to participation in existing conversations. It adds your opinion, you do questions and dirgete to its companions. It begins to add friendly in the forum and you do pursuit of them by means of private messages. Once you have reached 30 publications, it begins to make questions own and soon it looks for specific questions that you can answer with long and detailed publications. Perhaps until the moment, your publications have been short, of just 200 words, but now...
Carbon Dioxide CO The Carbon Dioxide is one of the main gases that generate the well-known greenhouse effect that in the end of is known producing the climatic change which they produce injurious and pejudiciales effects contrala nature and environment. Knowing clearly that the global heating is caused by the gas discharge of greenhouse effect. 72% of gases of completely emitted greenhouse effect are carbon dioxide (CO2). Therefore the CO2 emissions are the most important cause of the global heating. The Carbon CO2 or Dioxide is created by the fossil fuel burning fire, like for example, petroleum, natural, diesel gas. The emissions of Carbon Dioxide - CO2 50 years have been increased dramatically in the last and continue increasing, are quite great the emissions of Carbon Dioxide CO2 by country. This polluting gas, carbon dioxide, can arrive to remain in the atmosphere of 80 to 200 years. In agreement with recent investigations, unimaginable catastrophic changes on the environment hope that it takes place if globe temperatures increase more than 2 C (3.6 F). A heating of 2 C (3.6 F) around corresponds to a concentration of dede carbon dioxide (CO2) of 450 ppm (parts per million) in the atmosphere. At present (according to statistics of year 2007) the CO2 concentration is around 380 ppm and in the esteem that this concentration of 3 carbon dioxide will increase from 2 to ppm per year. Still it seems to be possible to avoid the most devastating effects on our environment and the climatic change. Nevertheless, we must begin to act immediately. The more time we continue speaking instead of to act, the necessary measures will be the more drastic. Nevertheless, by experience we know that the most drastic measurement is, less probable is its application! The global heating is not the others, the global heating is envelope we and our personal behavior. Everybody must reduce in pisble its emissions of carbon dioxide, of this maner we will give our granite of sand to the sustainability of the Planet Earth.

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